Mic Wiring Diagrams

Wiring diagrams for CB radio mic. CBRADIO_MIC_WIRING_DIA Cybernet Chassis:- Amstrad 900 901; Binatone 5 star, Route 66, Breaker; Breaker 40 (Cept); Colt SSB series; Colt 320, 444, 510, 870; Commtel base; Communicators; Compact 40; Consam; Cybernet Beta 1000, 2000, 3000; Europasonic 111; Falcon; Fidelity 2000, 2001; Ford Roadmaster; Formac 88-120; Grandstand Hawk; Ham SSB, AM,FM series; … More Mic Wiring Diagrams

FRN audio settings

I have noticed that the FRN client sometimes removes the “Automatic input Level” radio button tick, not sure why but I think maybe it is when connection to the system manager is lost? Also when the com-port keyer interface locks-up. So maybe need to keep an eye on that!