Interface lockup

I have been testing how far you can turn down the SQUELCH on the UV-5R, I decided to see if I could turn down the Squelch setting to zero, my thinking behind this is that the radio is using CTCSS and in itself is a squelch so I experimented with turning the squelch to zero, but I find if someone on the FRN does not have their radio set-up correctly and overmodulates this can lock-up the com-port keyer interface and you will lose connection to FRN.

Also when the radio does a “lock-up” all controls on the menu do not work, you have to shut the computer off and do a restart to regain control.

Off course the radio/com-port keyer may very well lock up when someone over modulates anyway whatever the squelch settings and the fact I had set the squelch to zero may just be a coincidence that someone had a problem at the time I set it to zero.

Something to keep in mind.


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